Creative Association
for Arts and Culture Drom

”There is no nation without its artists, nobelists and societal status” - Veijo Baltzar

Nordic Roma Artist Platform is a Nordic initiative dedicated to upgrading the status of Romani arts and artists within the Nordic region. The international project is led by world-renowned Finnish author and artist, Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar and administered by Creative Association for Arts and Culture Drom, established in 1976. The aim of Drom is to promote intercultural dialogue in Europe by the means of arts and cultural political activities.

Selected artists published
 in Nordic Cultural Point

In the publication discussion event in Nordic Cultural Point, Helsinki 28. 11. 2018 the members of NRAP jury emphasized that rich, vital and diverse art traditions have existed and evolved in Nordic countries side by side with majority cultures, but that they have remained fairly invisible until present. Described as "though negotiations" by the chairman of jury Veijo Baltzar, the process of selection was an attempt to create a composition of quality artist that would have far-reaching and solid effects to the societies of Nordic region and and globally.

An 8-person jury, consisting of highest authorities of arts and culture gathered in Kuopio in the OSKAR centre for Intercultural Interaction in the frames of Nordic Roma Artist Platform. Hosted and chaired by Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar, the jury gathered to nominate 12 forerunning artists from Nordic countries for groundbreaking and exemplary activities.

Artists' portfolios will be published soon
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