Creative Association
for Arts and Culture Drom

1. Sara Wilhelmsen, Norway (script-writer, theatre activist)

2. Djangomayn, Finland (rap-artist)

3. Carmen Baltzar, Finland (writer and film-maker)

4. Amadeus Lundberg, Finland (singer)

5. Dimitri Baltzar, Finland (poet, visual artist, singer)

6. Nina Castén, Finland (singer)

7. Dimitri Keiski, Finland (singer, musician)

8. Bahtale Roma band, Sweden

9. Suora Lähetys orkestra, Finland

10. George Michalache, Denmark (musician)

11. Fred Taikon, Sweden (author, activist)

12. Elias Akselsen, Norway (musician, singer)

selected NRAP artists

The list is presented in order of age starting from the youngest: